Packaged Booster Stations - NSF 61 Certified

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Reduce Your Booster Project Costs with Monitor Complete Booster Stations

NSF 61 Certified

The Monitor Booster Station is a complete packaged pump station including


Every Monitor booster pump station is custom designed and engineered for a specific pumping application. The Monitor Booster Station reduces booster project costs by eliminating the need for a costly pump house.

Furthermore, it drastically reduces long-term operational costs by eliminating the need to heat, cool, or maintain a building. The pumps are accessed from above grade, so there is no confined space entry. The submersible turbine pumps and motors are housed below ground within the tank reservoirs so annoying electric motor noise is completely eliminated. The Monitor Booster Station can be designed to pump extremely large volumes of water.

  • Features

Monitor Booster Pump Stations utilize highly efficient submersible verticle turbine pumps, eliminating the "well house" and "well pit" providing significantly reduced installation costs, less environmental impact, and lowering the overall carbon footprint of the installation. Noise Complaints are virtually eliminated and maintenance can be performed in a safe environment.

  • New High Efficiency Spool Design (patent pending) - Reduces operating costs
  • ANSI/NSF-61 Certified Submersible Pump - Available for potable water applications
  • Available completely assembled, pre-packaged, and factory tested - to assure long term reliable operation
  • UL 508a approved control panel with PLC/VFD & custom Ladder Logic control software for better overall performance
  • No Pump House - lower installation and operating costs
  • Highly efficient, Submersible Verticle Turbine Pump Design - Reduced chance of damage due to weather or vandalism; and offers improved security
  • No requirement for shaft stabilization, alignment, or lubrication - Reduced maintenance/fewer moving parts/less inventory
  • Fewer overall materials - lower installation cost, less maintenance