Pitless Booster Stations

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The Monitor Pitless Booster Station is a unique device designed for increasing waterline pressure or filling water towers. The Pitless Booster houses a submersible turbine pump, below grade, within a sealed tank reservoir. The Pitless Booster can house pumps up to 30” in diameter.

Monitor Pitless Booster Station Advantages

The Monitor Pitless Booster offers several advantages over conventional pump stations including

  • a smaller footprint
  • elimination of the need for a building or structure
  • elimination of motor noise and no confined space entry


The Pitless Booster offers easy motor service by allowing access from the ground level by lifting our the inner assembly. Units with tank reservoirs 16” diameter or less are constructed using cast (or steel) spool and cast iron discharge bodies. Units with tank reservoirs 18” or larger are fabricated using cold-rolled steel.

Water Booster Station Options Include

  • secondary conduit entry for signal wires
  • wire seals
  • suction and discharge transducer tappings
  • locking caps
  • Specifications

6 Inch Industrial Pitless
A Screened Well Vent tap size: 1-1/2” NPT
B Seal Cap: The Watertight cap bolts to a compression seal ring securing around the
pitless case and comes with the screened well vent installed.
C Conduit Tapping size:
Watertight conduit seals for most common cable sizes are available for watertight cap.
1-1/2” NPT
D Depth Tester Tapping: 1/4” NPT
E Distance from ground level to top of Pitless Case: 12”
G Distance from ground level to top of
Screened Well Vent:
H Pitless Case I.D. size: 7”
I Pitless Case wall thickness: .300”
J “Hold-Down” - “Lift-Out” Mechanism
Three set screws in a spider atop the “Hold-Down” - “Lift-Out” pipe brace against the interior of the pitless casing, locking the spool in place.
Hold-Down, Lift-Out pipe size (Schedule 80):
Designed “Lift-Out” Mechanism load:
2” NPT
15,000 lbs.
K Discharge Body outside diameter: 9-11/16”
K Discharge Body length:
K Discharge Body outside diameter: 10”
K Discharge Body length: 12-9/32”
L Pitless Unit minimum inside diameter.: 6-3/8”
M Discharge Connection Tapping size: 3” NPT
N Pitless Unit to well casing connection I.D.: 6” Weld
Spool Design Load:
15,000 lbs.
Q   1-3/4”
R Spool to Drop Pipe Connection: 3” NPT
S Pressure zone tapping: 3/8” NPT: (2) available
T Dimension from center of discharge outlet
to bottom of weld nipple:
U Overall length of seal cap: 12-7/8”
V Dimension from center of discharge to
bottom of discharge body:
W Dimension from center of well casing to
end of discharge outlet: