Protective Well Enclosures

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The Monitor Protective Well Enclosure provides an additional level of wellhead security.

Add Extra Security to Your Wellhead

The Monitor well enclosure is designed to protect our water supply. The Monitor Protective Well Enclosure also offers several design features attractive to both the water well service contractor and municipal water operator. For the service contractor, the Monitor protective well enclosure includes internal release stainless steel pins and a lifting eyelet for ease of removal and replacement for well service work.

For the water operator, the well enclosure included shielded stainless steel locks for safety and an easily removable lid to allow access for water sampling procedures. The Monitor protective well enclosure comes in four standard sizes designed for Monitor pitless unit upper casing sized ranging from 6" diameter all the way through 26". The enclosure can also be custom built for wells with upper casing dimensions larger than 26".

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  • Features
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Lock Pins
  • Shielded Locks
  • Easy Open Lid
  • Lift Hook For Easy Removal
  • Quick Release Pins for Base Removal
  • Base Ring for Easy Cement Installation
  • Shielded Screened Vents for Proper Airflow
  • Powder Coat Painted Interior & Exterior