Installation Instructions- Weld On Pitless

Weld on Pitless Adapter — All sizes

  • Locate the template (provided) over the installation location on the steel pipe where you want to install the Monitor E-Z Weld Pitless Adapter.
  • Center punch at points A on the template.
  • Connect all A points with A lines.
  • Flame cut over lines. Note: Cut must be parallel with centerline of pipe.
  • After opening has been cut, pry out the cut casing at the bottom corner.
  • BH3 drop fitting must fit through the cut hole.
  • Clean off all slag and burrs on the cut casing opening. Place the C3W EZ weld steel housing onto the opening. Tac the corners to hold the steel housing in place. Weld the top and sides to the steel casing. Note: see diagram.
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